Competitive Advantages

The Devium platform has great potential as an alternative to the existingWeb2 based platforms that are widely used in the software ecosystem, as well as not having any competitors that are actively used on the Web3 side.

It will be a native ready-to-use platform for Web3 applications, which are increasingly used and popular, whereas existing Web2-based development platforms, which have all the problems caused by the centralized structure, are not structurally compatible with Web3. The fact that these platforms may become potential competitors on the Web3 side with the decision they will take can of course be seen as an important threat, but due to the high number of users and the reposities of these users, the transformation of the huge data on the platform is more than difficult.

The Devium platform, designed with the Web3 first principle, is also a cross platform that will allow development in accordance with Web2 principles and will provide an infrastructure that will allow its users to transition from Web2 to Web3. With the publication of the platform on the mainnet, it will also provide its users with applications that will facilitate their migration from widely used platforms.

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