Web3 Competitors

It is inevitable that the development platforms, which are widely used and one of the most basic needs of the software development ecosystem, will also undergo a transformation due to the decentralization phenomenon that is increasing in popularity day by day. Today, there is no software development platform in use for applications such as DeFi, DAO, Metaverse, NFT, which are increasing in popularity, in accordance with Web3 principles and blockchain infrastructure. The emergence and dissemination of structures that provide new and different services in this field will be one of the topics of interest

There is no alternative Web3 platform to the widely used platforms such as Github, Git, Gitlab, Bitbucket yet.

Radicle (RAD), a Web3-based application development platform, is currently active in this field with its stable version. Radicle platform is a peer-to-peer git-based code sharing focused platform for its users. As a basic principle, it is a platform that hosts the repository created by the users in the Web3 environment and shares it with another user via smart contracts. It received 12M USD seed investments and realized 25M USD ICO in 2021. According to Coinmarketcap data, its current FDMC value is 500M USD and it is in 307th place in the rankings.

Although it has common features with the Devium platform in terms of Web3 and git-based code collaboration on the basis of the Radicle project, it is a more comprehensive project due to the Devium usage area and the features it will offer to the developers.

Recently, in a new project called Tea.xyz, platform information that it will prepare for software developers for similar purposes has been shared. According to the information received from open sources, the platform to be prepared is a version control and application development platform that works with Git principles. Tea.xyz has recently invested 8M USD as Seed Investment under the leadership of BinanceLabs. Since the whitepaper and roadmap of the project have not been published yet, there is no definite information about when it will be implemented.

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