Devium is a %100 Web2 compatible application development platform built using Web3 protocols, decentralized and developed with Web3 first principles. Devium hosts all the needs of all stakeholders of the ecosystem in the software development process for a decentralized st ructure, as well as providing solutions with innovative technologies for post-development source code licensing and ownership.

Decentralized: There will be no central authority on Devium. Developers can develop their projects freely without any permission or control.

Security & Privacy: Devium will be secured with public-key encryption and privacy will be preserved. Thus, it will be resistant to unauthorized use and hacking.

No Censorship: There is no central authority in Devium. Therefore, there is no ultimate power that can eliminate the repository.

Ownership: When the user creates a repository on the Devium platform, the owner of this project becomes the person who created the project with smart contracts. Regardless of whether the project is public or private, the public key always protects the ownership of the project owner, even if the project collaborated with other users.

No Single Point of Failure: Problems experienced due to any interruption or access problem in the central system in existing platforms will be more stable and higher accessible with the Web3-based development of the Devium platform and the decentralized network.

Web3 Native: Devium platform Web3 first is being developed, with Web3 application developers will be able to develop completely in accordance with the systems in which the platform is integrated.

Cross Platform: In addition to being native to Devium Web3, it is a cross platform where users can develop applications in accordance with the Web2 environment.

Version Control System: Developers using the Devium platform allow them to monitor the changes in their code in the Web3 environment with the Distributed Version Control System, while improving the collaboration and communication between team members.

Permanent Storage: We will provide our users with the opportunity to store their projects permanently by using Blockchain technology and integrating with IPFS platforms.

Code Hosting: We will ensure that platform users host their source codes in Web2 or Web3 environment in accordance with their project type and preferences.

DevOps Platform: Devium platform supports CI/CD integration, developers will be able to directly integrate their applications developed using the platform.

Project Management: Users can manage their projects with tools that work in accordance with Agile/Scrum/Kanban principles, which are ready for development teams and integrated with the Platform, without the need for any project management platform.

Online Code Editor: With the online code editor to be prepared, like Remix, developers will be able to develop directly on the platform with the software languages ​​supported by the platform, with just an internet browser, without being dependent on any IDE.

Test Environment: Developers will be able to test their applications directly from the platform through the programming languages ​​and integrated infrastructures supported by the platform.

Source Code to NFT: With the modules developed within the Devium platform, the Developers can convert the source codes they have hosted and finalized on the platform directly to NFT within the platform and host them in their wallets.

Licensing: Platform users can directly apply for open source or commercial licenses for their projects, and license the source codes they have converted to NFT.

Easy Migration: We are aware of how difficult and costly it is to convert to a new platform for users who have adapted their projects and teams to existing common platforms. With the migration packages we will prepare, we will enable the teams to easily migrate their projects to the Devium platform.

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