User Growth

The Devium platform aims to reach the entire software development ecosystem, which includes many users of different scales, such as individual software developers, agencies, enterprise-level software companies. We know that developing the community cannot be done with the right marketing activities alone. We are committed to ensuring that customer satisfaction, especially to our technology-focused target audience, will always be our first goal, by offering a stable, scalable, and a platform that includes the highest level of modern technology services. We will always be in communication and interaction with our community through all communication channels, with a planned and continuous marketing plan. In addition, we will implement different programs in order to reach our target audiences in different segments.

Webinars: By constantly organizing webinars for our users, we will ensure the adaptation of the community to the platform, while providing information and training to our community about new developments that have been completed or will be launched soon. We will support developers with activities such as giveback and airdrop.

Developer Summits: In line with the demands of our community, we will organize summits for software developers at different locations at regular intervals. We will enable our developer community to participate in the platform by organizing hackathlon and grant programs.

Partnership Programs: We will offer partnership programs, especially for startups, who develop using our platform. We will create grant programs for innovative startups or ideas that we think will develop rapidly that join our community.

Free Tiers: We will have different free tier applications according to the user segment. We will ensure the adaptation to our platform by providing support to the projects, especially in a way that will be limited to the quotas and periods that we will determine at the enterprise level.

Devium Summits: In order to increase the awareness of rapidly developing web3 and blockchain, we will organize summits on different topics (NFT, Metaverse, Security, etc.) and locations every 3 months, and we will include participants who contribute to the ecosystem within the sector as speakers. We will offer the participation of a certain number of Platform users to the summit free of charge. At the summits, we will also ensure that the community and participants are informed about the case studies we have created with the projects in our partner program.

Pioneer Program: With the launch of our platform on the testnet, we will launch a pioneer program with medium-sized teams and individual developers. We will enable them to develop their projects on the Devium platform, and with this program, we will make security and performance improvements to our platform. By creating a Bounty Hunters program, we will improve our mistakes and weak points with feedback from our users.

Regional Sales Teams: With the migration of Devium Platform to Mainnet, we will establish regional sales offices and teams. First of all, we will quickly activate our offices in 4 Regions, Istanbul (MENA), London (EUROPE), San Francisco (NALA), Singapore (ASIA). With these teams, which will prepare special agreements with large-scale and enterprise-level companies in the region, we will provide cooperation for companies to continue their projects on the Devium platform during their transition to Web3 and blockchain.

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