What makes Devium unique?

All of the existing development platforms, which are used extensively in the software development ecosystem and whose importance is increasing, operate with Web2 principles. Web3 and blockchain projects are also growing wildly, whereas existing platforms are unable to meet the needs of these projects.

The need for a fully compatible development platform for rapidly developing Web3 and blockchain projects is increasing day by day.

The Devium Platform also provides decentralized solutions for Web2 application developers, and will contribute to the solution of many problems experienced due to the centralized nature of existing platforms.

Unlike all existing platforms, Devium platform is a Web3-based, decentralized software development platform that contains all the features that software developers needs. The decentralized structure that will come to life with the platform will also create new opportunities for the software ecosystem. A new approach such as hosting the source code as NFT, storing and transferring it in users' own wallets, creating an open source code or commercial license will also create new opportunities for developers with the Devium platform.

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