Mainstream Competitors

While talking about the overall size and growth potential of the market, it should be noted that traditional platforms generate the current market data. The current market consists of centralized systems such as Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, Git developed on Web2 infrastructure. In particular, these platforms hold more than 60% of the market share in terms of number of users and revenue. These platforms generate income in the range of 150M – 350M USD per year. Again, the same platforms have user numbers between 10M and 50M. Apart from these mainstream platforms, there are dozens of platforms of various sizes. All of the existing solutions work in the Web2 environment.

Therefore, in addition to the problems arising from the centralized structure, widely used development platforms are not suitable for development in accordance with the Web3 environment. In parallel with the developing blockchain and Web3 needs, the need for a Web3 native platform is increasing day by day. The Devium platform enables native application development on Web3, and also enables application development in Web2 environment within the same platform. Thanks to its decentralized structure, it will eliminate all the problems caused by the centralized structure.

If we think in terms of the market, the market is growing rapidly and the technology is differentiating. In the rapidly growing software development market, the Devium platform aims to be an innovative alternative to all existing solutions, as well as an indispensable platform for the software ecosystem for Web3 technologies.

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