Today, the software world requires developers from different disciplines to work together. Therefore, it has become a necessity to use platforms that allow source codes to be hosted and developed in a central system. At the same time, the remote working model, which is becoming popular day by day, makes such platforms indispensable.

With the development of the software world and the collaboration of worldwide developers, many platforms have emerged and these platforms have become a part of the business.

Although they have played a large role and contributed so much to today's open source code development, at the same time the dependence on these platforms is worrisome. Because centralized development platforms operating in the Web2 environment cannot provide sufficient guarantees for privacy, security, censorship or project ownership. There is no defense and control mechanism against malicious acts or negative developments around the world. When we consider this situation, it becomes clear that code can become vulnerable for both individual users and large-scale companies.

We can summarize the problems of centralized development platforms working in the Web2 environment as follows;

- Security - Single Point of Failure - Ownership - Not Tailored for Decentralized - Low Protection for Sourcecodes - Censorship - Impossing Policies - Transparency

These problems indicate that a new technology must emerge for the software ecosystem.

With Devium, individual software developers, enterprise level companies and all stakeholders of the software ecosystem are not exposed to censorship or malicious use by any central structure, thanks to the decentralized platform created. They have a platform that is highly accessible, where ownership issues are completely eliminated, and where they are more free and in full control.

In addition to all these, the structure of existing platforms is not suitable for rapidly developing Web3 and Blockchain-based application development. The Devium platform also provides a suitable environment for both Web2 and Web3 Native application development.

Devium also offers an innovative technology for licensing open source and commercial codes using NFT and Blockchain technology.

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