What do we plan next?

As a team, we know that we have a long, game-changing road ahead of us. In short, they can increase their efficiency in all processes from the idea stage to the economy, where individual software developers, institutions at all levels, idea owners, content developers, all creative stakeholders of the industry can create their own projects, share with other team members, develop, monetize, license, from a single platform in the software industry. We will create a platform that is safe and scaleable.

With our experienced and expert senior team, we will realize our developments that make up our strong roadmap, and we will rapidly move towards the next step. As we achieve the milestones we have planned with our products and services that will open up new opportunities in the software ecosystem and support up-to-date technology, we will assume even more important roles in the ecosystem with our visionary goals.

In the short term, we will complete the MVP of the Devium Platform, complete our partnerships on the technology side, determine our roadmap for the concept and complete the DEVI pre-sale process. This will be complemented with the DEVI public launch. As such, we expect to have DEVI available for individuals and corporations in order to increase liquidity and availability of it with the main purpose to collaborate with the community growth and ecosystem flow.

With the growth of our community and the adaptation of the software industry to the platform, we have a dream that DEVI will turn into a currency for the ecosystem.

We envision a platform where project owners can monetize their own products on the platform, where applications and licenses can be sold on the market on the platform, and where developers and especially remote team members receive their fees directly as DEVI via the platform. Our first priority is to move forward as we planned on the roadmap and to achieve milestones. When the development of the community and the spread of the platform reach a certain level, we will include our new targets, which will include new features that complement the platform and the ecosystem, in our roadmap.

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